Collage Baby Video is Susheela Dawne and Andy Meyers, and they can sift through the last 50 years of western culture and create a video for you that people will notice. They can work from footage you provide, or allow them to present a concept for your approval. If you are near to Allowed Sound Studio, they can also meet with you and film footage. Cost is reasonable- satisfaction is guaranteed!

Here are a few examples from Collage Baby Video that show their knack for finding the right presentation. 

First- videos for Toronto Art Rock band The Scenics, combining band footage with footage that takes the song somewhere new:

Do The Wait  features live band footage from 1978 and creative commons footage from a mid ’70s art film by German director Lutz Mommartz.  

 In The Summer This video marries live footage to the studio version of this song. 

Do The Wait  This time, a live video using footage from The Scenics 2016 eastern seaboard tour.

WIld Trout  More live footage and late 50s TV footage about a fishing trip gone terribly wrong-- and right!

I Killed Marx  A propaganda film about the range of ideologies in the world fuels this one minute 40 second rocker.

Two videos from Scattered Bodies album "Talking Songs".  (Make no mistake, Talking Songs is... an often unsettling meld of orphan sounds and menacing undercurrents, and an offbeat celebration of those old staples: love, experience, sex and death." Paul Tucker, The Quietus)

Mindanao Deep (featuring Dennis Hopper and a cartoon King Neptune).

Domestic Mysteries (sourced from German 1970s art films and kitsch postcards.)


Write Andy-- he and Susheela would be happy to talk with you about your music and your video, and provide you with very affordable rates to help you get what you want.