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"I attended the first Songwriters Workshop that Andrew organized back in '01. I would encourage anyone with an interest to attend these sessions - they did me a world of good on many levels...Andy brings a wealth of experience and a good understanding of what it takes to pen a tune, and he brought out the best in each of us. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!" Ron Cooke

The “Language of Song”, is a simple, effective appreciation of how songs are put together and what makes them sing. This is combined with a gentle and intuitive examination of our writing process. The workshop is led by songwriter/producer Andy Meyers, whose skilled and relaxed approach, deep love for the subject, and broad experience, will make deepening your connection with song entertaining and fun.

"Andy has a great knowledge of song structure and a real appreciation for the relationship between lyrics and melodies. He has a conversational teaching style through which he offers a wide range of insights and techniques to help in writing and improving your songs. Andy doesn’t try to dictate how you should write your songs, instead he aims to open your mind to possibilities and give you tools to develop your own style of song writing." Jonathon Menz

 We will spend the first segment of each session with favourite songs brought in by participants, --Dylan, Bowie, Mitchell,  Rogers and Hart, Lennon/McCartney, Van Zant, Gershwin, etc.  We’ll examing what makes these songs sing, looking at what these songs do and how they do it.  Then we will share our own songs in a circle, exploring how we can make them their strongest and clearest. There is lively feedback and discussion, and a supportive, focused environment. The thrust of the “Language of Song” is an understanding that songs speak through lyrics, melody, chords, and structure. We’ll learn skills and an ability to work on these individual aspects of songs in an unified way.

The 13th Allowed Sound Songwriting Intensive begins the week of February 25 and runs for three sessions, one evening biweekly, 7-900 pm. (We’ll pick an evening based on participant’s schedules.) The cost is $85.  The workshop takes place at Allowed Sound Studio on Blackburn Road.

"Thanks for all your continued help with my musical evolution. The Workshop was amazing, super fun and I learned a ton!!  I want to do more...  "  Gina-Lily D'Attilio, singer/songwriter

The Allowed Sound Songwriting Intensive is open to all.   Novice or experienced songwriter, whether or not you play an instrument, whether you write music and lyrics or just lyrics, you will  complete the workshop having had fun, gained valuable insight and experience with songwriting, and having written a few new songs.

For more information or with any questions, please contact Andy Meyers at 250-537-2294


"Andy has an intuitive sense of how best to nurture novice songwriters  to take the next step in their development". PC Oliphant, singer/songwriter.

 Meyers has been producing CDs at his Allowed Sound Studio since 1999, including "How Does it Feel to be Loved", which made a "Top 10 CDs of 2008" list in New York's Village Voice.  His song "Do the Wait" was featured on a cover CD of the British music magazine UNCUT.  In 2014 Andy completed a Canada Council funded CD of Brian Brett’s poems set to music composed by Susheela Dawne and himself. 

In 2016 an LP release of original music by Meyers’ band The Scenics was be released by the Italian label Rave Up Records, and distributed in North America by Seattles’Light in the Attic label. A second Scenics album is coming out via Rave Up in the fall of 2018. In recent years Meyers has worked on recordings for a variety of songwriters including CR Avery, Tom Hooper, ESL, SIlva, Jade Bell and Blind Focus, Art Bergmann, Carmanah, Katie Burke, Gwen Gagne, and Denny J. This spring Meyers produced his 6th album for BC Country music hall of famer Alan Moberg.


Andy Meyers’ songwriting with his Toronto band The Scenics:

“Original & uncompromising....  Brainy crackpot art-pop with an ear for off-kilter melody, a headful of magic & twitchy grooves to burn.”  Ben Rayner Toronto Star

“This is some of their strongest material in terms of composition...This is a band that deserves to be heard.”

 “Growing Pains has a gentle touch... It's a hymn for the street underdog. Following the somewhat surrealistic poetry is a big part of the fun here... at the heart of the guitar art, you'll find graceful, playful songwriting, and Meyers is just as much that classic troubadour on his own.New York had Talking Heads, but here was there equal in Toronto”    Bob Mersereau. author of  “the Top 100 Canadian Albums”

“I Can’t Be Careful” is the best song here. The stunning ballad’s lyrics are filled with both direct imagery & abstract poetic logic”

“A collection of songs both musically interesting & lyrically intriguing."  Richard Marcus

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