You can hear a playlist of albums recorded  by Andy Meyers at Allowed Sound Studio here.

 Allowed Sound Studio is a beautiful sounding room stocked with state of the art digital and vintage analog recording gear. Located on gorgeous Salt Spring Island, an easy ferry ride from Vancouver Island and the lower mainland, Allowed Sound Studio provides you with a comfortable, relaxed haven where you can get away and work on your music for a day or a week. Lock out rates are available, as are ferry discounts and ferry pickups. Basic accomodation is free. You'll wake up refreshed and ready to play!

Allowed Sound Studio features the well-regarded pro ears and seasoned musical sensibility of Andy Meyers. Andy can track and mix your band or sweetly complement your sound with guitar, bass, harmonies, keys.  Need horns, strings, drums or digeridoo? They're just a phone call away.

Allowed Sound Studio--  an affordable and comfortable recording experience-- an easy get-away where your enjoyment of the process will be matched by your pride in the results.

It's all Allowed Sound.

Andy Ramesh Meyers on Recording:

Above photo by Billie Woods.