Hi-- Andy Meyers here!

Sometimes musicians will record at home, or lay some tracks down at a commercial studio, but when it comes time to mix, they don't have a solid feeling that they will get the most out of their music. Mixing is an involved art, and mixing your own stuff trickier still. Then comes mastering-- an essential part of creating a finished recording, and one that few people have experience with.

I can work with your tracks, provide a mixing package to suit your budget, and make your music shine.  Silva is one of the many bands I have done this for:

"We were happy that our album was in the hands of a great mixer/masterer. Andy worked really hard and did a super job. We learned a lot from working with him. Thank you-- we are really happy you took the project on!"

There are of course a wide range of mix scenarios... you may have tracked guitar, voice, and upright bass, or you may have tracked a six piece band plus horns. Song could be two minutes long or seven. Correspondingly, mixing fees vary.

Let me know what you've recorded, and I'll get you the best possible fixed-rate quote. As far as a rate for your whole album? Please contact  me so we can talk about  your music,  what you want to do with it, and how we can get you amazing results within your budget.

Here's a playlist of songs I have mixed at Allowed Sound Studio over the last 20 years.


Need your recordings Mastered? I'd be happy to help you out here.

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