Andy Meyers began recording in 1977, and has been producing CDs at his Allowed Sound Studio since 1999.  Here Andy has recorded scores of talented musicians, including Juno winners and BC Country Music Hall of Famers.

His many productions include “How Does it Feel to be Loved”, which made a “Top 10 CDs of 2008" list in New York’s Village Voice weekly.   Andy's production of his song “Do the Wait” was featured on the May 2010 cover CD of the British music magazine UNCUT.  He had composed and produced two Canada Council for the Arts funded albums.  At Allowed Sound Studio he has engineered, arranged, mixed and/or mastered for acts such as Tom Hooper (Grapes of Wrath), Art Bergmann, CR Avery, Valdy, and west coast folk-rockers Carmanah, among many many others.

Andy cut his teeth with the legendary Toronto Art Rock band the Scenics, who played from 1976-82.  (“New York had Talking Heads, but here was their equal in Toronto”. Bob Mersereau, author of “The Top 100 Canadian Albums”.) The Scenics reformed in 2008, and released their first new studio album in 35 years in November 2012. ("This is some of their strongest material...This is a band that deserves to be heard."  Popmatters)  Here's an in depth article/ interview with the UK periodical "Paraphilia" about The Scenics then and now. The current Scenics album, "In The Summer" received rave reviews in it's 2016 European, Canadian, and American LP/CD releases. The Scenics toured the American midwest and Eastern Seaboard in September, and Andy followed up with Solo west coast dates- Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Medford, in October. 

Andy has extensive experience playing roots, acoustic singer-songwriter, rock, dub/reggae, and jazz music.  He has also been music director for 50 theatrical productions, and has written or co-written 8 full length scores, from Dance/Theatre productions to original full length musicals, to adaptations of ancient myth, Lewis Carrol, Shakespeare, etc. He released two albums of improvised music played on meditation chimes that sold 5000 CDs.  Andy has been contracted to conduct program reviews of several college level recording arts programs throughout British Columbia.

Andy can add spot-on bass, electric/acoustic guitar, keyboard, and harmony vocal parts to your recordings, no matter what style. His arranging skills are sensitive and first rate (the discographypage can give you some examples). He is also happy to work strictly as engineer and catch the sounds you are making, or mix and/or master recordings you have tracked elsewhere. His communication skill are finely honed and he can successfully work remotely, adding value to his clients' work while explicitly respecting their intent and vision.  

Give Andy Meyers a call or drop him a line so you can talk with him about your musical needs. He's eager to hear from you!


Andy Ramesh Meyers